Short Creek Food Bank is pleased to announce that we have received word from St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance that we have been approved to start receiving a second food shipment starting in the month of April 2017!!! So mark your calendars!!! Going forward we will be getting food shipments on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month. The first shipment (which arrives on the 2nd Wed.) of each month will be primarily the TEFAP food shipment and donated food and shared food filling up the rest of the truck. The second shipment (which arrives on the 4th Wed.) of each month will be the donated and shared food shipments. We want to thank St. Mary's for recognizing the great need here in the community and stepping up to meet the need by sending an additional shipment to us each month.

We want to thank our faithful volunteers who have made this possible! Without your assistance St. Mary's would not have been able to say yes because part of the requirement is having the volunteers to distribute the food they send!


With twice the food being shipped and it happening on two separate dates we need volunteers to keep this going. Here are our needs:

  1. We need about 12 volunteers minimum on deck throughout the day with every distribution.

  2. Many of our volunteers come from local area churches down in St. George and Hurricane. Many have to return to get their children out of school at about 3pm, which is usually when we experience our second rush of people coming to get food. If you are local to the Short Creek Area and can volunteer in the afternoon from about 2pm to 6pm this will help fill our greatest need. We do have a age restriction for liability insurance reasons. We cannot accept volunteers under 16 years of age.

Come share the love and be a part of this great community event. We are here to help and serve the community. But we also need the community's help to keep this going.

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